The Title and Plot of my Novel

Drum roll, please . . .

Okay that may have been a tad over-dramatic, but here goes. The working title of my young adult paranormal novel is:

My Undying Love

And the plot, in a nutshell:

The end of the world is all it takes for 18-year-old Christian to realize that his best friend, Iris, is the love of his life.  But saving her from the undead may prove easier than winning her heart.

Book One of the upcoming Undying Love Trilogy

So now you know that the paranormal genre element in my novel is not sparkly, emo vampires, werewolves with six-pack abs, or ghosts.  Rather, it is zombies.

For those of you, who are thinking, “Zombies, suh-weet,” this novel is totally for you.

For those who are on the fence, thinking, “Zombies, I don’t know about that,” keep an open mind, becuase this is not a horror novel.  It is about adventure, survival, and, yes, for those of you who love “love”, it is about a romance between two survivors at the end of their world.

Finally, for those of you who are thinking, “Heck no, I wouldn’t touch a zombie novel with a ten-foot pole,” stick with me.  Just wait for my next novel in the works, a standalone work that is completely unrelated to my current series.  It will have absolutely no zombies or other paranormal elements.

I know my plot in a nutshell was extremely brief, not to mention that it completely neglected to mention the fact that the whole story takes place in real-life settings in the great state of Nebraska.  It also neglected many characters, events, and so forth. 

So tomorrow, I will post the extended version of the plot line to My Undying Love.  And then, after that, I’ll have to put up some excerpts, so that those of you who haven’t read any of it won’t begin to suspect that I’m making this whole “completed novel” thing up.

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