Beginning my Quest to Become a Young Adult Author

Okay, so the first draft of my young adult novel is finished.  I was beginning to think it would never happen.  I started over a year ago and my 2012 New Year’s resolution was to finish the first draft by the end of the year.   That didn’t happen.  Despite my initial fears that I wouldn’t have enough words to fill an entire novel, by the end of January I’d hit 65,000 words, which was already more than enough.  But there was still more story to tell.  I had signed up for the Big Sur Writer’s Workshop from March 1-3, and I really wanted to have my manuscript done before having it critiqued by the faculty of literary agents, editors, and authors.  So, with the help of my awesome Dad, who offered to fly out from Nebraska and babysit for a few days, I was able to finish what ended up being a full quarter of the story in a couple of weeks, finishing with about 88,500 words.

Now I have editing to do, I look forward to getting some expert feedback at the upcoming workshop, and I’m ready to start putting my manuscript out there for submission.  I’d love to find an agent, who would represent my novel and submit it to publishers.

On this blog I plan on detailing my quest for publication.  I will also post excerpts of my novel for those who are interested.

If you’d like to follow the process of a writer trying to become an author, this is the spot.  Along the way, you can fist-pump along with me at my successes and laugh like a maniacal supervillian at my failures, becuase, hey, then at least someone will be enjoying them.

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