The Plot: Extended Version

Yesterday, I posted the super-condensed, two-sentence version of the plot of my novel, titled My Undying Love.

So, as promised for today, here is the extended version:

The end of the world is all it takes for 18-year-old Christian to realize that his best friend, Iris, is the love of his life.  Unfortunately, a rescue mission gone wrong leaves his roommate Adam injured and infected with the virus that is causing the apocalyptic epidemic.  Christian feels responsible, having talked Adam into the ill-fated venture.  So he’s compelled to stay and care for Adam, until his roommate inevitably dies, then gets back up and tries to kill him.  Now Christian must leave his dorm room, his college career over before it had scarcely begun, and road trip across Nebraska to save 16-year-old Iris, his newly realized love and former high school classmate.  Then he can bring her home to his dad’s farm — the perfect, sparsely populated place to weather the zombie apocalypse — with tools, food, water, vehicles, fuel, guns, and ammunition.  But saving her from the undead is one thing, confessing his love and asking her to spend the world’s last days with him may prove even more of a challenge.

Get to the farm, get the guns, and get the girl.   These are Christian’s goals in my completed 88,500-word young adult paranormal novel MY UNDYING LOVE, the first in a planned trilogy.

So there you have it.  This is the plot summary that I am using for my query letter, which is what I’ll send to a literary agent to ask if she would like to see more, in the form of a partial or full manuscript.  And eventually, if she likes what she sees, she might offer to take me on as a client and pitch my novel to publishers.

Anyway, enough of the business of publishing for now, and tomorrow I will post an excerpt from the novel.


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