Progress Update: Git-R-Done


I’m through Chapter 15, and my word count dipped below 70,000 but then went back over as I added a new chapter, one of two I plan on adding as I revise.  I’m around page 120, over a third of the way through the 300 pages, and I’m happy with my progress, although it could always come faster.  I’m still on track to finish with around a 55,000 end word count.

Writing the new chapter was super fun.  It felt like a break after so much revising.  I wrote it in one day, which was extremely fast for me.  Then I took it through the revising process like everything else, and I think it really adds to the story.  It replaces a boring, action-less sequence with lots of zombie mayhem and a couple of side characters, one of whom I plan on writing a whole companion novel about once I finish the sequel.

As far as my plans for after I’ve finished revising, I have just taken a huge step and made a big decision on where I’ll go from there, and I’ll tell you all about it in my next blog in about a week from now.

2 comments on “Progress Update: Git-R-Done

  1. Eugene says:

    I might have insight on the “huge step” ?????

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