New Plans for the Novel


When I started writing, I planned on a trilogy.  There was just way too much story for one novel, and trilogies are kind of the thing, so I figured, hey, why not?

As a reader, though, I realize that I often hate the middle books of trilogies.  There are some great exceptions, but in my case, I don’t feel like I have three complete stories to tell, so I’ve decided that my novel will only have a sequel.

I’ve also decided to change the name of the first book from My Undying Love to Undying, which will also be the name of the series.  When I came up with My Undying Love I thought it was a great double entendre, but now I’m thinking it just sounds too much like a romance novel.

I’ve also come up with a potential title for the sequel, so the first book will be Undying and the second will be Reliving.

Finally, although I’ve scrapped the idea of a trilogy, I do plan on writing a companion novel to the series, set in the same world, but featuring one of the side characters.  I also plan on writing two additional novellas or short stories told from the points of view of two other characters in the story.

For next week, another progress update.  I’m happily moving right along in my editing.

2 comments on “New Plans for the Novel

  1. carol goering says:

    Sounds as if you are making lots of progress. Good for you. I wish the kids could come to play at our house to give you some time to write.
    Carol Goering

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